• Digital Finger Pulse Oximeter

    Oxygen is carried around in your red blood cells by a molecule called haemoglobin. Pulse oximeters measure how much oxygen the haemoglobin in your blood is carrying. This is called the oxygen saturation and is a percentage (scored out of 100). It’s a simple, painless test which uses a sensor placed on your fingertip.

    • Integrated SpO2 sensor and display module
    • Small in volume, light in weight and convenient in carrying
    • Easy to operate, low power consumption
    • Operation menu for function settings
    • SpO2 value display
    • Pulse rate value display, bar graph display
    • Pulse waveform display
    • Display direction can be changed
    • Screen brightness can be changed
    • Pulse rate sound indication
    • With measured data overruns limits and low-voltage alarm function, the upper/lower alarm limit can be adjusted
    • Battery capacity indication
    • Low-voltage indication: Low-voltage indication appears before working abnormal caused by low voltage.
    • Data storage function, stored data can be uploaded to computer
    • Data transmission in real-time
    R250.00R450.00 inc VAT.

    Digital Finger Pulse Oximeter

    R250.00R450.00 inc VAT.

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